Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chillerama (2011)

Kaufman is the owner of the last drive-in theater at the States and he is ready to showcase a night of rare horror films for his fans. The titles are just crazy: ''Wadzilla'' where a man faces problems with his erections. His sperm shows anomaly and a load is going to transform into a mutated thing that is going to threat the human race. ''I was a teenage werebear'' where we can see the humorous tale of a gay that becomes a creature like a werewolf wearing leather pants. ''The diary of  Anne Frankenstein'' mocks Adolf Hitler and his attempt to create a monster and win the war. But there is a little detail. The monster shall be Jewish. As the films continue playing on the screen, a bunch of teenagers seem to enjoy it without knowing that the terror is outside from their car. Is this story a matter of fiction or reality? A humorous film with great ideas, satisfying performances and big loads of fun. The influences of past terror films are so many to analyze so just sit back and enjoy this marvel of horror.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

5150 Rue des ormes (2009)

Another excellent dark film from Canada this time. Who said that a chess player can be sane? Yannick is a talented young man who wins a film direction scholarship at a small town. When he decides to start his project at a peaceful area, he gets involved into a terrifying situation. After an accident with his bicycle, he looks after to hire a cab for taking him back home. But the driver, Jacques, seems to be a serial killer who is maniac about chess games and kills in purpose to rid the world of evil. His family also participates in this paranoia as his teenager daughter, Michelle, is ready to follow her father's steps. His wife, Maude, is unable to control anything and she has been turned to God to please her wills. Jacques's little daughter hates her father and seems to be a useless rebel to his plans. Can Yannick escape from this shit hole and what are the possibilities to stay alive?

Hyultu aka The showdown (2011)

After a battle between Joseon and Ming forces in Manchuria only three soldiers from Joseon survive. They take refuge in an abandoned inn. Soon it is clear that they have as much to fear from each other as from the Ming forces.The two of them, Jang do-young and Hun-myung have been raised together since childhood. In fact Hun belongs to So-beuk clan and this is a matter that turns Do young's family against him. They were both in love with Seo but when Do told Hun that he is responsible for his father's death, everything's gonna change. A game of survival in the middle of nowhere starts and the third man, a poor peasant who has been forced to join them at war will play a special role there. A dramatic story that gives a complete package of suspense and action and a quality cast that gives a good result.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hesher (2010)

Hesher is just the shit. He is arrogant, lunatic, sexist, loner. He hates everything on this planet. TJ is a young boy who is obsessed with his old family car. The reason is that his beloved mother died in it after a tragic accident. His father is unable to raise him properly after that as he has lost his patience and will to live and he takes drugs. The only one who help them is TJ's grandmother. TJ will meet Hesher at an constructing area and they will have a bizarre relationship based to fear and compassion. Hesher's purposes are not clear and TJ is confused even more with his behavior. They will live together various situations that will get them closer somehow. TJ is also caring about a young girl, Nicole who works as a cashier at the local super market. A tending story with actual performances and cool cast. The metamorphosis of a boy through difficulties and the pain of loss and his change to another person, probably more mature.

Die summe meiner einzelnen teile aka Hut in the woods (2011)

Martin Blunt is a schizo who tries to survive in a difficult world. After his break with his ex girlfriend, he gets in the asylum to follow some therapy. But when he is being released, he is completely lost in a world of misery. He becomes alcoholic and finds difficulties in being part of society again. He can't even understand the rules of the game to stay alive. He looses his house and he sleeps on the road. He goes back to his hometown and he starts thinking of living in the woods. He is not alone on this journey as he finds a mate, Viktor. They have been met at the ruins of a building and they become best friends as they support each other. But is Viktor a real person or another figment of Martin's imagination? A tough story of a man who just wanted to live free, away from civilization and its problems. But society can't let him do it.