Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mandariinid aka Tangerines (2013)

This is definitely one of the best films I am writing about for the last two years. A masterpiece from Georgia, telling the story of a quiet, peaceful old guy living in the middle of nowhere, in Apkhazia, a region where two armies are about to conflict. Ivo works as a carpenter, helping his childhood friend, Margus, collecting his tangerine crop. Someday, after a battle happening near their house, he finds two wounded men from opposite camps and decides to nurse them. This is going to be a very difficult task for him as they are ready to kill each other, but his peaceful mind will bring them to peace. A beautiful story for the war, the love of life and the selfless assistance of humans. Because these things among other, can name us humans as well and not animals. Amazing story line and soundtrack compose a powerful touching film to never forget.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Clown (2014)

Somewhere in a small town, a father tries to entertain his son at his birthday party. As he wears on an old fashioned clown costume, founded in an abandoned house, it will bring chaos to his life as it will transform him to an ancient demon. Kent tries to remove the evil suit over him but every attempt fails and gets him closer to the living nightmare as he loses control. His wife is the only one who understands him but this is not enough to save him for the endless pain. This is another Eli Roth's production, probably a good horror film with great moments for fans. Its great filming and acting can save your night, if you are looking for an interesting thrilling movie. The characters developing also works  and gives an overall positive result.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Escape from Tomorrow (2013)

What is actually the definition of cinema? Action, a good script, a better cinematography or a perfect role play? On this experimental as I can say film, maybe you can't find any of these or you may explore some new frontiers. It is all filmed in a Disney entertainment park, where you find Jim and his family try to spend some happy moments together until the father gets a notice that he got fire. After that, he obsesses with two young girls and starts being paranoid. The place seems to be unfriendly for his family and various issues appear in their relationship. The story goes insane more and more, presenting both surreal and horror elements into. A really bizarre film that made my mind move through his stunning black and white video production. So cinema or not, this gem is not for anyone!