Friday, May 31, 2013

Eva (2011)

Alex works as a robot programmer and he is one of the best worldwide. He decides to return to his hometown and take over a new project of a prototype robot. He meets there his old friend Julia that owns the company and delivers him the work. His brother David, an also successful genius at the robotics has started a new life with Alex's ex girlfriend Lana and their daughter Eva, a smart and perceptive young girl. Alex's return will change everything as secrets among the three adults will be revealed. Alex wants to analyze Eva's character and work with her on some experiments but he doesn't really know about her origin. A bold film with accomplishing scenario and cool effects blending science fiction with drama. Daniel Bruhl gives another good performance here though.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The greatest cereal treat on Earth (1960)

Beware of Henry and his evil breakfast.
A menace from the past threats your happy morning.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Java heat (2013)

This is another cool film that should have been deserved a better rating on Imdb. The reason is obvious as it has an interesting plot, good direction, enough action and Mickey Rourke of course. The last one has a cult appearance though depending on a few scenes as the story runs about the Sultan's dead daughter in Java, Indonesia. An American history teacher teams with a Muslim detective in order to find the responsible terrorist for a number of bombings around the country. The motives are not clear as more proofs come out to the light. The two men are not trusting each other as  they actually work under different nations and cultures but their passion and courage will give them more confidence to continue and finally find the real imposters. Loved this mixture of international action style film.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mars Attacks! (1996)

What can be the common between the president of the States, a sweet deaf granny, a retired boxer who works as an animator in a casino, an ambitious hotel owner and a couple working on a tv network? All these will witness the historical moment of the contact with the visitors from planet Mars. But due to a misunderstanding, the fellow guests will turn extremely hostile and start the invasion on Earth taking no prisoners. A cool guy and his granny will take part on humans counterattack and find the solution to win this intergalactic battle. Tim  Barton directs a hilarious comedy about aliens back in 1996 and gives us a great parody of classic b movies of the sixties. Jack Nicholson is really pleasurable playing two individual roles as also De Vito, Brosnan, Parker, Fox, Brown and even famous singer Tom Jones do their best.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Side effects (2013)

Soderbergh signs an interesting atmospheric film about mind disease and depression. Jonathan Banks, a psychiatrist attempts to fine the cure for Emily Taylor, a woman that has suicide attempts after her reunion with her imprisoned husband, Martin. Banks prescribes an experimental new medication called Ablixa, trying to find the source of her brain damage. When Emily kills Martin in a state of sleepwalking things gonna get serious. Dr. Victoria Siebert who was Emily's last doctor seems to hide some details from her case to Jonathan. The last one faces now law charges for experimenting with his patient and decides to investigate the facts and clear his name. The motivations for this crime will be totally different than what they first used to seem about. Individual cinematography with close ups and actual performances help this film work properly.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Serenade to Miette (2011)

This is a great work of illustrator Toniko Pantoja from Los Angeles. A street magician messes with some mobsters on his way to help a young beautiful acrobat. A small animated film with excellent script, full of action, romance and fun.

Serenade to Miette from Toniko Pantoja on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Assault on Wall Street (2013)

Jim is working whole day as a security guard in order to save money for the cure of his beloved wife Rosie. The last one suffers from cancer and the cost of therapy is high. The couple lives in anxiety as the economic crisis affects their budget and more problems appear soon as Jim looses his funds due to a bankrupt of his financial investment and later his job. The irresponsible behavior of the real culprits makes him angry and he manages to take the law into his hands with disastrous results. This is a really interesting gem with good performances from the starring duo. You can find that Dominic Pursell acts really well and gives us a satisfying performance with dramatic and realistic points. A film about crisis and how people are determined to live with it or not. The solution is in our hands though.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A better life (2011)

Life is hard for the illegal immigrant Carlos Galindo from Mexico. Working as a gardener, he tries to raise properly his teenage son, Luis. The last one faces the reality as a path to his own existence divided in two ways. His girlfriend's family has members to a local street gang and the situation at his school is also difficult. Carlos buys his boss's truck and gains an opportunity for a better life depending on a individual business. But due to a mistaken help to another immigrant, he loses his car and after that, almost everything. This was a great film bases on a story about immigration and how people manage their new lives. Combining an emotional story that gets more and more dramatic and astonishing performances from the two heroes, it is a beautiful and realistic film that is completely deserved its Oscar nomination.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dredd (2012)

I can say this is the best adaptation of the legendary comic book 'Judge Dredd' for sure. In a dystopian America after a world war that ruined everything, population has moved into huge Mega City One. Life is extremely difficult as outnumbered gangs rule over the place and the only one force that combines judge, jury and instant executioner are the urban cops, called ''Judges''. Dredd is one of them and he makes himself up a serious impact for the outlaws. Now with rookie Cassandra, a psychic mutant woman with ambition to join the force, they enter into a huge building of two hundred floors in order to find and eliminate drug lord's Ma-Ma clan. The war begins but the enemies are outnumbered. Will Dredd succeed into his mission and stay alive alongside with Cassy? It is a bleak film, a superior action movie with excellent cinematography, dark atmosphere and a faithful attribution to the original story. Actor Karl Urban gives a more convincing performance as Dredd instead of Stalone's attempt through the nineties.