Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oblivion (2013)

Jack works as a drone technician on the abandoned Earth, after the war of humans with the alien Scavs. With his wife Vica at the control station, they complete an effective team. But he dreams of a past life years ago before he even lived. With the arrival of female astronaut's  Julia, Jack is going to reconsider about his life and his purposes. Julia is not the only link to his peaceful past though and soon many secrets are going to be revealed and change everything. This is a stunning science fiction gem from the director who filmed Tron Legacy back in 2010. The specifications are about the same and the complete work is amazing. Cinematography is excellent and the whole cast is performing really well. This is a very interesting amalgam of past sci fi movies as Space Odyssey 2001, I am Legend and so many other to mention.
Another good choice for Tom Cruise's filmography.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ruta Destroy! (2002)

This is a really odd stuff from Madrid of the 00s. Seems like a video clip blending all the acid experience of the rave movement with small music performances. The amateur actors give a real touch to the project and the funny sketches are completing it's purpose. Another alternative cinematic experience for sure. It was on Fantasia Film Festival. Montreal, Canada. You can find it on dvd "Short Gauge Trauma".

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Colony (2013)

In the future, humans have to live underneath the ice due to a climate change that left the planet as a cold desert. One day it started to snow and it never ended. Briggs is the leader of Colony 5, a place where some survivors live and work in an experimental lab in order to find a new place to move and change the temperature of the environment. After a call for help from another colony, he decides to do a rescue mission but what he will find there, it will change the fate of everyone back in his base. Because the real problem out there is not the freeze but the hunger who transform people into beasts. This could be a great film because the intense was real until the first part of it. Dark cinematography and convincing performances from the cast showed that something good could be happened. But after that you will find another cliche end with cannibals running and screaming around. My question is why all the cannibals and the zombies or the mutants have always supernatural powers, who said that if you are a monster you have to be a champ at sprints or can escape from bullets? It's a pity indeed.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Omerta (2011)

In 1930, Mafia gangs fight themselves in the New York slums. On the beat of a devilish music, Teddy Toad and his gang of frogs engage in a battle to pluck the delectable Lady Horny from the grasp of the powerful White Coal. Between love, music and revenge, immerse yourself in the ruthless world of Omerta, and break the code of silence.

Omerta from Omerta Team on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

San lau sing woo dip gim aka Butterfly and Sword (1993)

Sing and Ko have met during childhood and they became partners and co fighters in the known martial arts world. Now Sing is a hidden assassin at the services of Ko and he keeps his secret to his beloved Butterfly. Meng wan is another master who works with Sing and he is love with Ko but the last one can't hide her feelings towards Sing. The team has a difficult mission to destroy Suen's martial arts school and kill Suen and his assistan Li Shu Tin. A battle for the survival of the toughest has begun and the trio will challenge extreme situations in order to stay alive and achieve their target. Donnie Yen and Michelle Yeo in great performances at an interesting mixture of drama, action and romance film. Specially recommended at the fans of the old HK productions, this gem will give you the thrills as you will find that this stunning gem paved the way for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fasle kargadan aka Rhino Season (2012)

Iranian directors always have a poetic view on their cinema and Bahman Ghobadi is not the exception. There is the real story of Sahel, a poet from the shah era who stayed imprisoned for thirty years and after his release, he tried to find back his wife, Mina and family. The responsible for his odyssey was the driver of his beloved wife, a guy who was obsessed with her and jealous about their love so he decided to ruin them permanently. But can you really destroy real love? So after the revolution in Iran back in the seventies he becomes a high rank revolutionary and with this power incarcerates the couple. The new regime put the couple separately in prison. And then they announced Mina that Sahel is dead. So the driver takes the opportunity to press Mina marry him as he belongs to her all these years. But the story isn't over yet and with the return of Sahel a lot of things will go upside down. A lyrical film and a haunting story with many metaphors and beautiful photography. 

Limitless (2011)

This is a kick ass film and maybe one of the best I have seen till now. Imagine a drug that helps you unleash the ultimate powers of your brain including restore all the lost data and the memories you ever had. This happens to hopeless writer Eddie Morra when his ex brother in law gives him a special drug called NZT. Suddenly the looser becomes a hero. The pathetic becomes a successful businessman. The road leads only forward and Eddie becomes enthusiast with the limitless posibilities of his new brain that gives birth to more and more ideas. But after an untrustworthy deal with a gangster and with a hit man on his back, Morra has to define the new horizons that will make his life easier and more secured. Another tycoon, Carl Van Loon, needs Eddie's talent for his own purposes but the last one has to realize the situation first and then escape from the labyrinth of his mind. A crazy sci fi gem with astonishing cinematography, great cast and limitless reasons to watch it.