Thursday, May 24, 2012

Attack the block (2011)

Moses is the leader of a teen gang. They try to rob Sam, a young nurse who lives at the same block. After the incident, something strange happens at the area as a flying object falls from the sky and destroys a car. It is a small alien and the kiddos think this is a menace. So they eliminate it and take it to Ron, a drug dealer who lives at the terrace of the building. But no one take it serious and more mysterious objects arrive upon the city. Hi-Hatz who owns the area as a mature gang leader orders Moses to help him with the deals but things get more complicated as it seems that an alien invasion has started and now Moses and his pals have to defend not only their block but also fight for their lives. This was an amusing experience with young English actors, a really funny film that could be a futuristic combination of Goonies and Darkest hour or Aliens.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Swimming pool - Alexandra Hetmerova (2012)

Two strangers are swimming at an empty swimming pool during the night. There is a common thing as well a difference between them. A beautiful, romantic story about love and acceptance of diversity.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bad ass (2012)

Frank Vega is a Vietnam veteran who lives in the streets. His hopes for a better life never became true and he had always to deal with misery and loneliness. But he never let it to put him down. Especially now that he is a middle aged man, who tries the best for himself and his people. One day he fights against two skinheads who are looking for trouble during a bus route. After this incident, he becomes a local hero and people think he has to offer more at society. When his mother dies, he invites his best friend Klondike, who saved his life at the war, to live together. But Klondike has a secret that will kill him and now Vega has to find out the reasons. The responsible for that is the Mayor and Black Panther's gang who have a plan to reconstruct the area Frank lives. So Vega is ready for action once more. And when Danny Trejo plays the main character, you know what action means. Cool film, not for the thinkers, just for an easy afternoon full of fun and action.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rusalka aka The Mermaid - Aleksandr Petrov (1997)

An elderly monk, lives in the woods near the lake. A young novice lives and works with him. Their link is a woman. A mysterious woman who plays in the sea and often disappears. The boy interests on her without knowing her secret and dark past. Great Russian animation as special painting technique on glass gives it an amazing result.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Never let me go (2010)

What is the secret kept at the Hailsham, a country boarding school for the children who being raised there? Three pupils and friends, Ruth, Kathy and Tommy live there happily, following the orders and growing up normally. It seems an ordinary life but it's not. These kids and many more are being born for one purpose. As clones they will know the haunting reality that awaits them. Kathy was in love with Tommy for years but she never revealed her feelings to him. Ruth finally had a relationship with him that kept a long period and made Kathy sad about it because she lived under pressure, having just the role of a good friend towards the couple. But soon time to face the truth comes and they will try to live, love and enjoy life more than their appropriate life expectancy. A moving sci fi drama, a totally different point of view about love between replicas and a lyrical film about acceptance of fate and loss. Just marvelous.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

They shoot horses, don't they? (1969)

Gloria is a depressed woman who enters a dance competition as it is her last hope to gain some money and survive. Hopeless as she is, she will do her best to win. But luck in not by her side. Her partner can't take part finally. Hopefully for her there is a young man, Robert, who moves around Hollywood and tries to start a career. They both don't know that there is nothing for them at this fake event. The only thing they can have is humiliation, fatigue, hunger and desperation. The only winner is the show and its coordinator, Rocky. He has to defend the right procedure of this dance marathon. The members are just puppets for him, ready to help him survive. There are also some other interesting characters as the Sailor, an older man who tries to show his talent. And Ruby, a pregnant woman who with her husband will sacrifice anything for the big prize. The social crisis, the hunger for fame and a better place under the sun will drive all these 'Wonderful' people to do their best at any cost. One of the best films I have ever seen. Sydney Pollack directed an amazing film about hope, dreams and depression. Jane Fonda was extraordinary as Gloria too.

The wackness (2008)

Luke Shapiro is a youngster who works as a drug dealer in order to save some money and help his family from moving out due to his father's mistake. His parents are not getting well together and Luke visits a shrink, Dr. Jeffrey Squires. Soon he becomes his dealer and they become best friends. Jeff's step daughter, Stephanie finds Luke interesting and they start hanging out. She feels him as a friend but Luke's feelings are more deep. He falls in love with her and they spend sometime together. Dr. Jeff also has problems at his relationship with his wife. So they try once more to reconnect. It's a little romantic story in the summer of 1994 where a guy who is ready to enter the college, thinks about life, future and love. Ben Kingsley as Dr. Squires is really entertaining and there is a working plot as well.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Morning patrol (1987)

A fugitive or a survivor. A lone woman walks alone at a destroyed area. She finds shelters at abandoned apartments, chased by shadows. When she enters the forbidden zone where the Morning Patrol, a death squad, executes everyone, things are getting difficult for her. When she is being touched by a guard, together they try to escape and find the sea at the West. They have a common quest but also a common past maybe. They can't even remember what happened before the big catastrophe. Will they do it or do they have to pay the cost for freedom? Nikos Nikolaidis is one my favorite Greek directors. With his bohemian style, he introduced a new style at the eighties decade, a universe full of cult figures, misery, desperation and dark atmosphere. So this gem is another great item from him, with stunning photography and haunting soundtrack.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Redline (2009)

Biological weapons, tons of robots, an intrigue between a space race competition and a technological empire that wants to keep its secret safe, some crazy motherfuckers who drive their rocket vehicles and want to win at any cost. These are the components for the action animation film of the year. JP is the main character, a guy who is so cool as his haircut. Real rocker at heart and soul, he and his crew try to win the Redline, the epic circuit that takes place on the surface of a planet that is part of the Roboworld empire. The emperor and his government will do anything to stop the intruders in order to keep their military secrets safe. But the trespassers are not the usual guys who want to take a tour but the faster drivers in the universe. And that means there is going to be chaos and a huge race full of personal battles and hyper action. Excellent production, nice soundtrack and adrenaline at high levels.

Hwal aka The bow (2005)

A young girl is living on a boat with an older man. We don't know their names or their past. The owner invites fishermen to spend their time there and relax. But when they tease the girl he grabs his bow and threatens them. He feels a desire for her, a strange passion and maybe not the proper one. The girl who grew up there doesn't know anything about life or what really happens beyond the sea. She is fine with that until one day a young boy comes on the boat with his father for fishing. Then her hearts starts knocking louder and she falls in love with him. But the old man becomes jealous on her as he wants to marry her when she will be an adult. There is a lyrical view on this love story where the impractical conflict with the logic, where two options of love can't exist on a normal basis as two different kinds of ages see it through another prism. Korean director Ki-duk Kim continues to surprise me with his stunning and poetic direction.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More - Mark Osborne (1998)

The quest for happiness looks unreachable for a man who works hard in a factory. He lives in a grey, sterilized city where things feel the same day by day. No hope, no dreams, no life. Except his dream where a small group of kids are playing happily. Can he find the solution and where is the key for the real freedom? Happiness is now a product at the super markets but can it really ever change? A strong experience as long a masterpiece. Enjoy and feel the deep mood of this awarded animation plus the great soundtrack from New Order and their song Elegia.

Fright night (1985)

When Charlie, a teenager finds out that his new neighbor, Jerry acts strangely, his life is going upside down. The reason is that Jerry seems to be a vampire who kills innocent women with the help of his roommate, Billy. Jerry tries to convince his girlfriend Amy and his buddy Ed about the situation but they think he is taking it too much because he is affected of his favorite tv show, Fright Night. This broadcast was famous for its stories about vampires, spirits and other evil creatures. As the killings at the town increase, Jerry is going to ask for help from his idol, Vincent who hosts the show. Can they defeat the prince of darkness? A classic vampire film that was a hit during the eighties. Sure the effects are not the best but the direction and the working acting of the cast help for the best result. Beware of your neighbors.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The sex life of a chair - Phil Mulloy (1998)

Phil Mulloy’s witty exercise in the power of suggestion uses rudimentary animated drawings of chairs to diagram a Kinsey Report's worth of sexual behaviors. Without recourse to narrative or human identification, the film’s tableaux nonetheless plunge the depths of desire. By turns desperately sad and savagely funny, the fundamental innocence of Mulloy’s illustrations boomerangs back on the viewer’s imagination.

The company of wolves (1984)

What does Rosaleen dream tonight? A psychological journey through symbolism and a fearful nightmare maybe. Where are the limits between reality and fantasy? Rosaleen lives in a small village near the woods and loves her grandmother so much. Her granny uses to tells her fairy tales about mysterious creatures who disappear and change into humans. A group of wolves is responsible for the death of Rosaleen's older sister. A young boy is in love with her but her mind is somewhere else. Lost in myths, she tries to understand the meaning of life of death. When she meets the handsome Huntsman, she is playing a game of survival and tries to survive from the curse that transforms him a vicious wolf. Close to the story of Little Red Ridinghood, this amorous tale delivers the lust, the fear and the innocence of a teenager that grows up. Expect a beautiful old fashioned fantasy film with an exciting cast and dreamy direction.

Stubble trouble - Joseph E. Merideth (2000)

A caveman, finding himself rejected by the fairer sex because of his heavy beard, resorts to increasingly desperate measures to become clean shaven, but the beard always sprouts right back. Finally, he meets the perfect woman, who can accept him as he is. Because sometimes life gives you the best surprises. Or not?


Boca do Lixo (2010)

This is an interesting crime film about the life and actions of Hiroito, a local king of Boca de Lixo, based at the city of Sao Paulo during the fifties. Hiroito was the beloved son of a wealthy family that had philosophical views about being a gangster. His bigger loves were women and alcohol. Raised in downtown where crime was rising, he was ready to live as an outlaw. Soon he had built his own kingdom where you could find everything, from drugs and guns until bars and prostitution. At the age of 21 he was accused for murdering his father but he was never being charged. With his partners, Nelsihno, Osmar and Silvia they fought against Nair, an opponent drug lord. But even Osmar who was Hiroito's best friend betrayed him. And Honorio, a corrupted chief of police, can't help him all the time. Such a good film with satisfying interpretations and an exciting view through the life of Hiroito, 'Scarface' of Brazil.