Monday, February 28, 2011

Meter maid me massacre (2006)

What the hell was that?? A project that first seems to be an awful low budget gore movie, finally becomes a tremendous comedy with cool fight choreography and lots of fun!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Betty Blue aka 37°2 le matin (1986)

The ultimate love story. Two people are getting closer and a relationship full of passion begins. Betty and Zorg will live their love till the end. He is a handyman, living a simple life until the day he meets Betty. She comes to stay with him and soon they will continue the same path through happiness. They will change different works as they move out from the one place to  another. They will find friends who will support them and help them offering them a job. But Betty will start to have a difficult behavior against ordinary life problems and she will also start acting in a strange way. Zorg is in love with her and wants to help her but the fate keeps surprises for both of them. Can they survive into this weird relationship? This is THE film about relationships among people. Realistic with a touch of romance in a way that only French director Jean-Jacques Beineix could describe as he only raised controversy not for the subjects he tackled but for his stylistic approach!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Der rauber aka The robber (2010)

A great film adaptation of the novel 'The robber' by author Martin Prinz, based on the real life of Johann Rettenberger, a marathon champion but a bank robber also. He was so addicted in robbing banks and cars that finally it was the only point in life to him, although he had a woman who loved him and took care of him, a warm place as a home and a great career as an athlete. This film successfully enters into his passion, directed in a special way that focuses on the psychological efforts this man used to have and the passion to complete them, dedicating everything and especially his life as a robber for a reason he was only knew about. I loved the intense of this film and the direction as the editing is a very good work! Andreas Lust did his best as the protagonist and used his excellent skills as an actor in order to give us on of the best psychological portraits of a bank robber on the screen!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

LSD-25 (1967)

This is an interesting documentary of director David W. Parker about the most powerful drug ever produced. L.S.D. is also known as Lysergic acid diethylamide and its consequences to human brain never fully explored. Even if the dubbing is awful, this project was a fair approach to this research into a drug that leads human brain into unknown territories!

This is what you call a space booze : Schlitz Malt Liquor (1979)

Check out the taste of this Liquor back in 1979 with a robot serving it at the cool stuff of a space station!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Le dernier combat aka The last battle (1983)

Welcome to the land of nowhere, a place taken from the apocalypse.
The earth has been destroyed after a nuclear blast and a few survivors are fighting for food and shelter. The one who has the more technical knowledge and the skills is the one that survives. Our hero is this man. He lost his wife and child somewhere and lives under the ruins of a building. When he attacks a gang and kills their leader, he will have to escape through desert with his weird flying construction. He reaches an abandoned city and after a battle with a barbarian, a doctor will take care his wounds saving his life. Soon they will become friends but after a strange incident doctor will die, and he will remain alone to confront the barbarian again and save the mysterious prisoner of doctor. This was the debut film of French Luc Besson who became a great director analyzing the human behavior into paradox situations.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bunker Palace Hôtel (1989)

Welcome to the dark industrialized world of Enki Bilal where a revolution has begun and information is everything. Powerful members of the government will find a shelter in the underground Bunker palace hotel and escape from the war and the acid rain. The robots serve customers as a crow is the messenger of death. When the service crew and the hotel's elevator malfunction, everyone will be trapped in that hole freezing to death. When Clara, a rebel spy sneaks in, she will observe the raving of the decadent power class, who keeps wondering what happened to their leader, who has failed to show up. And Nikolai, a member of the movement will start to act strange. What is the secret among them and where all this is going to lead? This was the first film of Yugoslavian Ene Bilalovic, better known as Enki Bilal, a great animator and artist!

Bunker Palace Hotel
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Le batteur du bolero - Patrice Leconte (1992)

Hilarious short film from French director Patrice Leconte about a drummer who becomes hero who tries to keep the rhythm at any cost although his mind is somewhere else.

Werckmeister Harmonies (2000)

This is the best film to describe the hard times of civilizations especially now with the riots  in the Arabic world. The soundtrack is one to remember for the rest of your life, so does direction and photography. Janos is a wise man or you can say a philosopher who helps an older scientist into his research on finding the perfect harmony. They both live at a city where no strangers accepted and there is a picture of a very closed society. Someday scientist's wife will come back and will try to collaborate with police's leader in order to rule over the city.
 People are without work and hopeless as remaining souls standing in the main square drinking and spending their time with nothing else to do. When a strange circus arrives there presenting a dead whale and a monstrous prince as a special show, lots of angered people will start to act strangely and soon there will be a revolution for no reason actually. I will never forget the picture of the two leaders when they will see the naked helpless poor old guy staring at them as for help. So there is nothing than ruins and this is the best, man can do at the end, as the prince said. The dead whale is shown as the symbol for hope and freedom but actually is being left alone stinking on the square. A prophetic film that haunts me since I saw it. A masterpiece in black and white!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hunter Prey (2010)

This film was a surprise on directing a sci fi story with so small budget.
The plot is simple with some scenes of action but after the half of it, you can expect the unexpected and a real smart end.
Two civilizations conflict, a strange space clan and the Sidonians. The reason for this galactic war is that the aliens protect the space refugees Draks. 
When a spaceship crashes on the surface of an unknown planet, its crew will try to catch their Alien prisoner alive without know the secret of this special one. A battle for survival will start on the desert but who is now the real hunter and who is the prey? A very amusing movie that reminded of me some old comics of Moebius and Bilal!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All of the Dead feat. Lego (2009)

Hilarious short animation made by Lego introducing zombies and ghosts in Egypt.

Codehunters - Ben Hibon (2006)

A band of misfit warriors protect a world under seige. This is the extraordinary project of English animator Ben Hibon.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Amore tossico (1983)

This is maybe the best film about drugs. And the reason is that the Italian director Claudio Caligari used real junkies and non professional actors to show the image of this tragical story where reality is a fact and death is all around. Cesare and his pals are looking for their next fix surviving at the detached suburbs of Rome. He lives a distorted romance with Michela taking more and more drugs and trying to find a meaning at their misery. This circle of ill people steal and spend their time looking for money and the pleasure of the moment. The main actor, Cesare Ferretti, died of AIDS in 1986. Several co-actors also died some years later. It is a shame that these young people died in real as no one could help them survive from the nightmare of drugs. This film is dedicated to all people and their families who suffered from the drug illness.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Robby the Robot gets crazy! (1981)

Robby the magnificent robot from the 'Forbidden planet' gets crazy with Charmin products!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Enjoy Valentine's day with : My bloody valentine (1981)

Jessie and Axel are both friends and mineworkers at the small town of Valentine Bluffs. They are in love with the same girl Sarah who used to be with Jessie since he left the town. Now that he is back again, there is going to be a conflict between him and Axel. They will face also the frightening crimes of the serial killer Harry Warden who returns at the city after twenty years continuing the bloodbath. The reason of the killings is that he was left dying in the mine from his irresponsible bosses who have gone to a party so he hates Valentines day and kills everyone who celebrates on it. It is a cult film and a surprising success as also a wonderful addition to the slasher genre of the 80s. A must seen for horror fans!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week End (1967)

This is one of the best comedies (even a black one) that I ever seen.
Jean-Luc Godard directed this extraordinary experimental film constructing a world of chaos and social riots. The rich couple of Roland and Corinne are going to visit relatives but their plans ruin as they enter into a problematic and surreal environment full of killings, car accidents, insane people, poets, revolutionary cannibalistic forces and unsuccessful musicians. It is a political film though that effectively announced the May '68 urban uprisings in Paris and marked the beginning of Godard's politically active phase. A powerful seasonable movie for thinkers with lots of inspirations blending into a philosophical plan that intricate the brain.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rare Exports (2010)

Could it be a real nightmare for all the children? What if Santa Klaus was a huge demon killing innocent children instead of a saint?
When researchers find his secret tomb between the Finnish/Russian boards, only a kid will be able to find the terrible secret about the demon who was living there centuries ago killing kids.
With the help of his father and two other guys they will try to protect earth from this menace.
But what happens with demonized Santa's employees?
Can ordinary people defeat the threatening terror?

Shi di chu ma aka The young master (1980)

This was the first directing attempt of multi-talented Jackie Chan.
It was also one of the first to effectively combine comedy with action so this is the ticket to its succession.
Jackie Chan used extremely beautiful choreography with hi energy martial arts action. The result is a really entertaining movie.
Jackie plays Dragon who is failing at the Lion Dance competition disgracing his martial arts school. So he decides to run away and find back his brother, Tiger who betrayed their school dancing in the opposite site. He will mess with the marshal and his family who are experts in Kung Fu and then with the outlaw Kam who is the most dangerous man in the area. An epic battle is going to happen.

Incal & Arzach - Alejandro Jodorowsky & Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

These are two trailers of the extraordinary animations 'The Incal' and 'Arzach' that never unfortunately finished. Jodorowsky & Moebius are the masters of the European comic design.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Unknown - Environmental Test by Chess (2011)

I always admire the new abstract video artists and this one is excellent!

Project Unknown - Environmental Test from Chess on Vimeo.

Ma fung gwai kuen (1979)

After his father's death, Tieh Chiao San is looking for master Meng to extend his kung fu knowledge. But Meng is the leader of a gang of tricksters who affect the doctors in a small village. So they beat the villagers and then they wait for them as customers. This situation is hilarious and Tien who doesn't like it will be a witness into a secret meeting of Meng and master Lin where illegal dealings happen. So he will run for his life and when the gang will beat him up, he will find shelter at a family's house. A secret passion with the girl Tsai Chiao will appear and her Leper Godmother with the help of the Shaolin master will help Tieh to develop the Leper's Fist style and defeat Meng and his gang whose members are a (Hippie?) guy and another fighter (with an umbrella?). Tieh will have Little Rat fighting on his side along with Tsai. It is an extraordinary comedy and it is worth seeing it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Srpski film aka A Serbian film (2010)

Insanity? Perversion? Darkness? What can you say for this horrific film?
I think it is one of the best I have seen last ten years. It contains extreme violence and gore to the limits. I don't suggest it to normal people though.
Milos is living with his wife and son, while trying to forget his last days of glory as a famous porn star. But now he needs more money and when an old colleague contacts him in order to offer him a job, he accepts it without knowing the consequences. It is about a new project where Milos won't have any information at all. The brain of this idea is a ex psychology doctor who now directs underground films. Milos will sign the contract without knowing he deals with the devil now. He will have to play the star in the most violent and seek film ever directed. How can he escapes from this situation and is he ready to confront the dark secret of his brother that is connected to the twisted director? A must seen for horror films fans. All the rest get prepared!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

They Do Not Exist aka Laysa lahum wujud (1974)

Mustafa Abu Ali is known as one of the pioneers of Palestinian cinema and the creator of PLO's Film Division. This film was the reason that Ali forced to leave from Maliha being a refugee for 47 years. It is a film concentrating in Palestinians ordinary life at Nabatia refugees camp and the Israeli air raids who cost hundreds of lives of innocent people. I hate wars and I hope someday Arabs and Jews will leave in peace together!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Xin du bi dao aka The new one-armed swordsman (1971)

Lei Li is an arrogant martial arts master who is expert in two blades sword ship. He will be blamed as a thief and murderer by the more experienced master Lung Er-Zi. They will have a duel and Li is going to cut his own arm after loosing the fight and due to a promise he gave to Er-Zi.
He will quit the martial arts and work as a waiter at a small country inn.
But everyone is bullying at him now he is a cripple. Ba Jiao is the daughter of the blacksmith and she likes him and try to take care of him even if he hides his skills as a martial artist. Hopefully another young hero, Feng Chun-Chieh will arrive and shall be friend with Li. When Feng is going to accept the challenge of a tournament placed at Lung's Tiger Mansion, he will loose his life and Li is going to revenge of him! This is an amazing film of Shaw Bros and the last of the 'One-Armed Swordsman'trilogy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

La zona (2007)

Where are the limits for keeping a neighborhood safe and is life so important instead of personal safety?
Three kids intrude into a restricted area where rich people live. They starve and they are looking for something expensive to steal as they rob the first house they meet. Unfortunately they find inside an old woman who is pointing a gun to them and after a fight one of them kill her. Then a neighbor kills two of them and the local guard by mistake. So the community will keep looking for the third kid avoiding the calls for research of a loyal cop. Because they want to keep law outside their peaceful place and they think they can act as gods over human rights.
So this is will be a death trap for the poor little boy and only another young man will try to save him. I liked so much this extraordinary film because we can see two separate social classes. The poor that no one is going to do something for them and the rich who act like arrogant and violent animals. Is this the dark future of our civilization maybe?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Horror meets Nike!

Extraordinary commercial for Nike Shoes about a woman who is attacked by a killer but she finally escapes due to her good physical condition!

The Objective (2008)

Atmosphere full of tense and nice direction are the main elements of this cool sci fi film. Placed at the desert of Afghanistan, a CIA agent with the help of a special forces team is looking for a religious leader. The purpose of this mission is to interrogate the old man and know every information about a secret weapon that the United States government discovered from the pics taken from a satellite. Natives in the desert think that the newcomers bring only death with them and the religion thoughts fright them. The troops soon will discover a powerful alien form known as Vimanas from the ancient times. They have triangle shape and no one knows about their origins. Will be this mission their last and what is meaning of all this?
A lot of people misunderstood the final thoughts of this interesting film so some liked it and some hated it. It is not only about some guys looking around for an extra terrestrial phenomenon but an ode to human life and how governments use people for their purposes.