Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The backwater gosper (2011)

The Backwater is a small town in the middle of Way out West. Its citizen fear of the mighty undertaker whom the coming means death and terror. The massive decide to sacrifice an innocent cripple who was singing about their situation and soon a massacre between them starts. So incredible and dark, one of the best animations of this period. Enjoy hell!

Down to the bone (2011)

When Little Michael stays with babysitter Meredith faces a lot of problems due to his vicious allergies. His condition turns a turn for the worse as Meredith gives him a night of pain and madness. Funny as red, sorry, as hell I was about to say.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The cry of the owl (2009)

Can a man be cursed? Can a man be the symbol of death, the sign of bad luck? At the case of Mr. Robert, YES. He is just divorced and his relationship with his ex wife are not well at all. He acts strangely as he likes stalking a young woman, Jenny who lives deep in the woods. When they finally meet, she understands him and finally the situation reverse. She stalks him and being in love with him but he rejects her because he believes he is not ready for this. Her ex, Jack, becomes furious and he starts chasing him. After a fight they have, Jack disappears and Robert is the immediate suspect, trying to prove his innocence. Things get more messy with Jenny's suicide. Who is behind of all this and what is the purpose of real love? A mysterious and suspenseful film, almost unknown to me, became a thrilling experience.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Signal to noise - Douglas Koke (2012)

Have you ever dream of the sky? This amazing video combines both state of the art pictures and great soundtrack. Enjoy the ride and dream on.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Okuribito aka Departures (2008)

A tender story about an unemployed cellist that now works at a funeral office at his small hometown. Diago thinks about his future and grab the opportunity of a new career. He doesn't tell anything about that at his wife wondering about her reaction. He starts liking this new condition where his boss training him on the work. To honor and respect the dead, to try to release the pain of the relatives, to understand and feel it. When Mika discovers about it, he has to make a choice. A difficult one and maybe the only that makes him really happy. His loss of his father on his childhood makes him feel angry about it and he thinks he has ended with him, but life is always unexpected. This is real cinema. Emotional and poetic, shows another view of looking at the other side. Death is not the end but the beginning of something else. Amazing soundtrack, excellent direction and good performances led it won the Oscar foreign language film Oscar in 2008.

Seconds apart (2011)

Joth and Seth are identical twins. They have a special gift that gives them special powers of the mind as telekinesis and telepathy. But they are evil. And they force their classmates to end up in bizarre ways. Detective Lampkin believes that they hide something. He also suffers from nightmares caused by his wife loss. She was burned alive and he was unable to save her. As he enters more and more to their twisted world, he will have to solve the mystery of their terrible crimes and face the fear of the satanic couple. After Dark productions continue surprise me in a good way giving us another great horror and mystery flick with accomplishing cinematography and working plot.

A mosca cieca aka The blind fly (1966)

I think that Romano Scavolini is one of the most radical Italian directors ever existed. This almost silent film has been censored and rejected for his violent scenes, even if it was well received at the Pesaro New Cinema in 1966. It contains a quotation from Beckett off-screen at the critical moment. The story sometimes seems like a puzzle where a simple man who is sick from his environment, suddenly starts killing several people near a stadium. There are also moments from his life, discussing with a friend about fear of death and various meetings his beloved girlfriend. This film was never projected and there is no trailer actually. It is dedicated to human behavior and it needs special attention to concentrate and focus about its real purpose. A really rare and lost movie that will give you the creeps with its intense direction and its stunning photography.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hot tub time machine (2010)

Adam and Nick, two friends are trying to help their common friend Lou with his esoteric problems inviting him at a crazy weekend on a winter resort. Adam brings with them Jacob, his nerdy nephew in order to live somehow reality and escape from the net. Lou and Jacob don't like each other actually. When they arrive, they find out that nothing has stayed the same and the place that they had some of the best time of their lives, now seems even worst. They try to have some fun in the hot tub but due to a malfunction, they return back to the eighties. The three adults start liking the idea to stay there and enjoy everything from the beginning but Jacob freaks out and wants to return back, because he will maybe disappear if he not. So our guys try to find a solution and fix the tub that works as a time machine. Cool comedy for a lazy afternoon, Cusack and Robinson deliver their roles well but the real hit is Corddry who is amazing, playing a crazy man who thinks about nothing and mess everything. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Secret Rivals: Enter the Silver Fox (1976)

Master Huo and his assistant Lung Lan have left China 16 years ago and are settled down as Koreans. General Sun and Shen Ying-wei are investigating the gold robbery that took place 3 years ago. Silver Fox also knows about it but now he is vanished. And Huo is very worried. So he plans to organise a martial arts contest in order to hire its champion as an outsider troop and put him into a mission to assassinate Sun and Ying. But noone know that Shen is already at the town and enters the contest. Another mighty fighter, Shao comes in town and wants revenge from the Fox who was responsible for killing his family. They both stay at Chin's hotel and they both interest into her. When Fox returns at the town, the rivals begin and both Shen and Shao who have the same purpose to face Huo and don't leave him escape start the duels. Absolutely great filming with Kung Fu and Tae kwondo techniques from real masters, filmed in Korea.

No time for nuts (2006)

Scrat from the beloved animation 'Ice age' comes across a time machine and is transported to various times all in pursuit of his beloved acorn.

Scrat -No Time For nuts / time machine from Fuat Sr on Vimeo.

Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei aka The edukators (2004)

Jan and Peter are friends for over fifteen years. They stay at the same place and they are known as the 'Edukators'. A team who enters at rich people's houses and give them some fear and the thought that they are not protected as well. Jan is the idealist, Peter is the worker. Jule is Peter's girlfriend who now has problems due to her car accident and she owns 90.000 euros to the businessman for ruining his car. She is desperate and when she asks for help Jan, they are coming together as a result of their common ideas about life. In the meantime, Peter is going to Barcelona and when he is coming back, things have changed. When Jan and Jule enter at rich's man Hardenberg mansion, things are not working and finally they have to kidnap him and leave away. They will find out that the capitalist was once a member of the political youth at 1968 and they will have a good lesson about life, ideals and risks. Equal doses of drama and romance at a working low budget film.

Rundskop aka Bullhead (2011)

Jacky Vanmarsenille is working at his family's farm growing up animals, sometimes using illegal drugs. He had a terrible experience as a child that wounded him at his body and heart. He feels alone, being rejected and unable to feel love. Sometimes his anger transforms him into a wild animal, a bull, a beast. One day he is being approached by an veterinarian to make a shady deal with a notorious West-Flemish beef trader Decuyper, who actually is a mobster. When the last one's gang kill a cop and tries to disappear the car because it is an evidence, they collaborate with a couple of French mechanics who are suspicious. Things get messed and Jackie finds out that Diederik, his old childish friend works now for Decuyper but he doesn't know that he is also a spike for the cops. A tragedy about fate, lost innocence and friendship, about crime and punishment, but also about conflicting desires and the irreversibility of a man's destiny. It is nominated for this year's foreign language film Oscar.