Thursday, June 28, 2012

LEVI'S "Evolution" (1970)

What would happen if all of humanity found itself in a never-ending time loop of early 70's tripped-out animation? they would wear LEVI'S, of course! Enjoy a wonderful trip through the magic pen of designer Chris Blumand and an artistic view from the classic famous brand.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New kids nitro (2011)

Right back from the previous movie's end, we have the beginning of the sequel that is even better than the first film. Richard and his crazy friends have ended up with the police force and now they have to defeat a new intruder. Henk and his pals from the village of Schijndel insult Rikkert and call Richard for a fight. The useless cop Adrie cannot stop them again. Plus a new nightmare that comes from outer space as a meteor lands on a farm and cows with mutant milk transform people who drink it into ruthless zombies. Richard has to save his mother, Rikkert has to fuck more, Adrie has to save a city. How much action can you stand? There are all the cool ingredients of the first film: action, violence, more sex, more blood, more bad words. Get ready for more creeps.

New kids turbo (2010)

'Maaskantje' is a small city in the Netherlands. It is unknown even to the minister until one day something happens. The reason is that a company of five men start their personal fight against the system after they are being fired from their jobs. So they decide to stop paying for anything and live free as well. They steal beers, food from the snack bar and they admit it. Richard is the leader and the most 'clever' of the five dump guys. Gerrie is the last one that uses his brains properly. Rikkert is the one who thinks only about his Opel Manda car and how to finally fuck a woman. Andrie is not the usual cop as he is also another idiot who unsuccessfully tries to arrest them. There is anarchy, violence, funny situations and disgusting people around. Forget the good manners at this crazy flick from Holland. Excellent comedy including gore, sex and action scenes that will satisfy you for sure.

ReGOREgitated sacrifice (2008)

Lucifer Valentine is trying to become a famous producer and director of horror snuff films. But I think she has to try more. You can't have an obvious ending without a script though. This homemade looking video seems to be more a low budget movie or better say a cheap production than a serious attempt for a gore surprise. The whole film is separated in several sections but the result is about the same on each one. Girls licking each other, naked women pissing around, some of them are the victims ending at a gory way, one is decapitated but the scene is not convincing at all. If you want to try this at last, I am not responsible about your yawns.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chiko (2008)

To respect and care about your friends this story is all about. Isa under the nickname Chiko and Tibet have been raised together since they were kids in the suburban ghettos of Hamburg. They want to gain respect as young gangsters so they start involving at Brownie's illegal business. Tibet used to be addicted to heroine and his mother is seriously ill and she has to move everyday at the hospital. Chiko thinks about the money and the fame and he ignores his friend as he thinks he deserves a better life. So he finally make his dream true being Brownie's right hand in the local drug underworld. But when Tibet crosses violent Brownie, Chiko finds himself in a dangerous situation. Everything he has risked his life for is at stake: his reputation, his status, and his friendship with Tibet. A tough film about brotherhood, loyalty and friendship where mistakes can be lethal. Great Fatih Akin was also participated at this fine production.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bilbao (1978)

Leo feels sick living with his wife, Maria that doesn't loves her any more. His mind travels while thinking Bilbao, a prostitute. Time after time he is gets more and more obsessed with her. He starts collecting things that remind of her into an album. He is a modern pervert who plans to abduct Bilbao and put her at a warehouse where he can fulfill his twisted lust. But plans are not always happen as we make it. So he becomes a member of a tragedy with an unexpected end. Bigas Luna is a remarkable director with several quality productions. And this is an interesting film that created a big controversy in Spain (like Tristana in 1970). We listen also to a great soundtrack including some dance hits of our beloved Donna Summer that recently passed away.

The return of John Frum (2010)

Oh my God, if that was not Science Fiction, nothing can be. A distorted reality or a space opera maybe. Who is actually John Frum? Maybe a pseudo prophet who lived in Polynesia during the Second World War. But this eccentric story shows him as an astronaut who comes back from outer space. He finds a native whose ignorance makes him believe Frum is a God. And together they start a quest for something. The rest maybe confuse you because they seem so abnormal and strange to the common thinking. But it is a fantastic animation that will give you the trills with its excellent design and a different proposal for sure.

THE RETURN OF JOHN FRUM from christian schlaeffer on Vimeo.

Rear window (1954)

It's been a long time since I saw a film with an unsurpassed script and a comprehensive dialog. This is because master of suspense aka Alfred Hitchcock was behind its direction. How can a man be a fan of voyeurism without knowing it? When Jeff, a successful photographer breaks his leg, he follows a recovery that keeps him on a wheel chair and he has to stay at home for some period. But Jeff is really curious as a character. He starts watching through his neighbor's windows. Even his beautiful and rich girlfriend Lisa can't turn his eyes somewhere else. His maid, Stella, who is cynical will follow him into his paranoia as he thinks that a salesman, Lars Thorwald, who lives at the opposite building has slaughtered his wife and tries to hide the evidences. Soon Lisa will agree with them and all together will try to find the solution of this enigmatic puzzle. Thomas Doyle, a detective and close friend of Jeff denies that there is a murder at all with convincing arguments but he can't even approach the three people who are suspicious over the matter. Stunning cinematography and a power and dramatic view at the psychology of ordinary people who have the curiosity about others life and death. Recommended.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Philosophers' Football Match - Monty Puthon (1972)

Another cool production from the mighty Monty Python collective that is still timely due to the European Football championship and the next match for my country, Greece. It was taken place in the Grünwalder Stadion during the Munich Olympics of 1972. The funny thing is that actually there were no football players but philosophers representing Germany and Greece, except great Franz Beckenbauer for the German team. It originally featured in the second Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus episode and was later included in Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1982). The thin line between athletics and philosophy has been edged by the marvelous comedians.

Sengoku jieitai aka G.I. Samurai (1979)

When Lt. Yoshiaki Iba arrives with his troops at a selected place to start a war exercise, they are being transported through time four hundred years ago at the warring era. They find various samurai clans and camps that fight each other in order to take advantage and power. Iba meets Kagetora, a fearless warlord and they become best friends and comrades. They have big plans to rule over Japan but the battles are so difficult that Iba's squadron soon starts having casualties. Even ten soldiers using modern weapons can't defeat the huge army of Shogun and his generals. Iba thinks now that he have to end this story and become a hero in order to escape forward in time but can it be true? One of the best action films ever seen with the incredible Sonny Chiba starring and delivering the icon of a idealistic and egomaniac fighter who lives only to fight and realizes that his dream maybe can be true at another history era. Great action scenes and fast direction for a Japanese production make this film a classic for Chiba's fans and not only.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Being there (1979)

Chance used to work as a  gardener at the house of an old man. When his old boss dies, he discovers a whole new world outside the house he grew up and never left it. The only knowledge he has, he found it from the television broadcasts he was watching for years. He is a free soul, who can confuse people with his strange sometimes behavior. But some other times, he can make everyone admire him with the truth of his speech. After a small accident he will meet Eve, who is married with the influential and rich businessman Ben. They will invite Chance to live with them and Eve will fall in love with him due to his free spirit. Ben will approve this as he faces a sickness that will lead him to his last days. And he will try to help Chance to improve his life. A beautiful story about independent heroes and true masterminds and a cynical view to the political and social system. Peter Sellers acts and we applause.