Saturday, April 28, 2012

Le gamin au vélo aka The kid with a bike (2011)

Cyril is a cute eleven years old boy. He faces a difficult problem as he can't understand the reasons that made his father to abandon him. He now lives in a state-run youth farm but he never stops the attempts to reach him again until one day he finds out where he lives and works. But his father doesn't accepts him. Samantha, a hairdresser who helped him locate his father, invites him to stay with her at the weekends. But Cyril is not the kind of kid that stays around and he soon meets Wes, a punk who convinces Cyril to help him rob a businessman. Cyril will agree as he feels he is totally alone and no one understands and supports him. A dramatic story through the eyes of a lonely boy who lives and breathes on his bike. Great performance from little actor Thomas Doret that made this film won the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes film festival last year.

Animal kingdom (2010)

Can modern Melbourne looks like Wild West? Maybe. Especially at the case of Josh, a youngster who is becoming an orphan after his mother's death from heroine. He visits his grandmother, Smurf and tries to understand the crazy situation that exists there as his three uncles are getting messed with illegal operations. Pope the older one, is the most dangerous, a fugitive who risks everything in order to survive. When the cops start a vendetta with the vicious gang and kill Pope's best friend aka Baz, the others seek for revenge and set a trap to two young cops and kill them. Now the police department is behind them and things get complicated as Senior cop Leki interferes with Josh and tries to help him escape through this living nightmare. A tough and violent film that keeps intense in high levels, with astonishing direction and working characters.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paradise - Ishu Patel (1984)

I am so proud to show to you one of the most beautiful animations ever existed. With a philosophical point of view about freedom and the icon of beauty inside us, this stunning animation will make you think more about the real meaning of life. A blackbird is looking through the window of a glittering palace another bird so beautiful that his owner, a king has kept it captured to enjoy its beauty. The crow wants to feel the same luxury but it doesn't understand the cost of its action. What else can I say, just enjoy it. Great soundtrack from Zamfir and innovative mixed-media techniques by Patel, an excellent animator. Food for your mind and soul!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter you Freaks!!!

Happy Easter you maniacs...From your lovely bunny...what? do you fear of Bunnies? Shit happens!

Happy birthday to me (1981)

Virginia is a student of Crawford academy and a member of top ten group. She is very proud of it but no one knows about her esoteric world. She lives a daily nightmare after the shock of her mother's death. Her father never supported her as he was very busy on his work. After the accident she suffers from amnesia. Before her 18th birthday, she will witness fear as a serial killer follows her. He starts killing members of her clique making her life a living hell. Who is behind the dark scenery and what else Virginia hides from her buddies? A cold thriller with suspenseful moments, a little bit of gore and some unorthodox deaths will satisfy your hunger for a bloody movie.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Ok, this is nothing to do with films. But maybe it is one of the most surrealistic video clips ever. Dedicated to me as a surrealistic person I am. Thanks God!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mennesker i solen aka People in the sun (2011)

Svein and Siv are trying to enjoy their vacations peacefully on a small island near the borders between Norway and Sweden. Their small son, Simon, doesn't speak for three years due to a psychological complexity and Siv's patience is over. Stig and Ingrid is a younger couple who also have problems. They can't have a child due to a Stig's health matter that he keeps secret. The two couples soon will witness that the first day of their holiday is going to change dramatically. Especially when a mysterious older woman comes alone and confuses them with her behavior. Her wise comments are not understood by anyone but the boy. An interesting film with good acting and a message about our planet's and our soul's savior. Because it is never too late for that.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

On the water (2011)

The circle of life and death in a minimalistic beautiful way. Poetic, emotional and simple as it should be. Just like life. A little diamond. Enjoy!

On The Water from yi zhao on Vimeo.

Arithmétique (2011)

Tique, tique, tique... Who's afraid of Arithmetic? Another excellent animation about the story of a young pupil trying to study the numbers unsuccessfully as the demon of typography strikes back again and again.

Arithmétique from Giovanni Munari on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

He knows you're alone (1980)

Okay, fuck the critics or the Imdb. Who cares anyway? This film sure deserved a better recognition. For two reasons. First of all, Caitlin O'Heaney who performs as Amy, is really a good actor. Secondly the end is just cool. So let's continue to the story. Amy is about to marry Phil but her ex boyfriend still continue to bother her and she is more confused than ever. Frank and Len, two cops are after a serial killer who kills young women especially these who are ready to become brides. Len has his personal reasons for chasing him three years now, as he killed the woman he was about to marry. The killer starts the attacks to Amy's friends and slaughter them one by one. Amy will become the last one to complete the bloody puzzle. Will she survive finally? A classic thriller from the early start of the eighties decade. You will find references to the great Hitchkock and his amazing 'Psycho' and check also Tom Hanks at one of his primary roles as a young man who studies psych and defines the limits of fear.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mr. Foley (2010)

What a nightmare could it be if you woke up someday in a hospital and there was a group of sound artists putting the soundtrack of your environment and your life actually. A brilliant concept about a dark situation.

Mr. Foley from D.A.D.D.Y on Vimeo.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pumpkinhead (1988)

Ed and his adorable little son, Billy, live out in the country. He owns a small grocery store and tries to live a peaceful life after his wife's death. When a small group of teenagers arrive, his son is being killed after a tragic biking accident. Joel who is the responsible and the leader of the group decides to leave the kid alone and find shelter with his buddies a cabin in the middle of a forest. Ed's rage will be tremendous and he is ready to avenge them at any cost. He finds an old witch and with her help they resurrect an ancient demon, called Pumpkinhead to kill the group. Can they survive through this nightmare? Another classic horror film from the eighties decade that offers some blood, cool effects and some creeps for all the freaks out there. Plus the good appearance of Lance Henriksen as the protagonist. Have fun and don't forget pop corn.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spoorloos aka The Vanishing (1988)

Ok, enough fun for now. This film will drill your brains out. A puzzle story about the vanishing of a young woman, Saskia who disappeared while she was on a road trip with her boyfriend Rex. They stop at a gas station for drinks and suddenly Saskia never comes back. Rex is terrified and tries to find her. Years have passed and this situation has driven him crazy. He can't relax until he finds the truth. Then he receives several postcards from an unknown man who Rex believes that is her abductor. Rex is going to connect the pieces but the truth will be so raw. One of the most thrilling psychological thrillers ever existed. Be part of the paranoia and the fear as Rex enters the mind of Raymond Lemorne, a usual family guy that delivers a powerful and dramatic portrait of a serial killer. Recommended!

Roof sex - Pes (2001)

So funny you will need to rest after seeing that. Two armchairs enjoy their time while their owner is away. Beautiful idea and concept. Enjoy!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tyrannosaur (2011)

Joseph is a middle aged man who lives alone after his wife's death a few years ago. He has became alcoholic and he feels furious and angry on society. He meets Hannah, a peaceful woman who works at a second hand clothes store. She tries to help him and support him as he faces psychological and ethical problems. But she has her own internal nightmares to live with. Her husband, James beats her up and humiliates her often due to his anger for being unable to have children with her. Joseph also wants to help a young kid that has been left alone for a long time because his mother prefers to have fun with an arrogant playboy. Two great performances by the main characters and a dramatic as also realistic plot make this film into a little piece of excellence that won the best impressions at Sundance festival last year.