Monday, October 10, 2011

Celda 211 aka Cell 211 (2009)

This was fresh and cool. Juan Oliver is a young man who is going to work as a prison officer. Unfortunately he gets trapped into the prison as a riot begins and there is no escape for him. So he poses as a prisoner and tries to survive at a place where hell looks like paradise. Malamadre is the boss around here and he leads the riot. He has nothing to loose and he doesn't care for his live. His mates are the toughest and become cruel to the other guards that also have been trapped inside the jail. The special forces are ready to take back the place but Malamadre has something to show them. He threatens them that he will kill three special inmates, terrorists of the ETA if they will try something. After Juan's wife tragical end outside the prison, he will drive crazy and kill the responsible man for that. And he will find out that his life will end up in this shithole. So time for these two different men finishes.

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