Friday, October 12, 2012

Mientras duermes aka Sleep tight (2011)

Cesar is a lone man who works as a concierge. He spends time chatting with people who live at the building and help them fixing their apartments. He is in love with Clara, a beautiful young woman who lives alone but he has an unorthodox way to approach her. Ursula, a little naughty girl knows about his secrets and blackmails him in order to serve her wills. But there are more things hidden behind Cesar. His obsession with Clara leads him to a bloody trip to hell and when Marcos, Clara's boyfriend arrives there, the events go wrong. Cesar has a few aces left in his pocket and he is ready to use them and make his plan true. He wants to destroy Clara's happiness because he is incapable of happiness himself. A thrilling story with sociology matters that can give you the creeps. We don't have to deal with ghosts, monsters, or evil because there can be dark souls out there for real.

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