Monday, February 18, 2013

Coriolanus (2011)

This is a very interesting adaptation of Shakespeare's Coriolanus, directed and acted by Ralph Fiennes. Caius Martius, a real child of Rome returns from the battlefields and gains honor and glory. He is proposed to be the Senator but he can't do it as he is so violent and despises the civilians. The politicians take the lead and push him to his limits and finally they banish him as a result. He is so furious that he turns to his enemy. Turrus, and asks him to join forces and attack Rome. Now the game has change and Coriolanus thinks that he is the winner. But never underestimate your enemy or the masks of friends. This is so great, watching modern heroes speaking the language of a classic novel. Coriolanus maybe is not the most famous work of Shakespeare but the whole package here does the thing. Astonishing cinematography, nice score and great performances from Fiennes, Butler, Cox and Redgrave.


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