Sunday, March 9, 2014

Krugovi aka Circles (2013)

Circles of life can seen in every society. A soldier, Marko, has been kicked to death from his comrades on his effort to save Haris, a Muslim during the civil war in Yugoslavia. His heroic act will always haunt the families of participants even twelve years later. His best friend who works as a doctor will have a dilemma to save the life of the soldier who started the fight. Marco's father decides to build a church on his son's memory and will accept the help of a young boy whose father was another soldier, also responsible for Marco's death. Marco's girlfriend who left her country and got married in Germany will find shelter from Haris who lives there with his family as she abandoned her violent husband and escaped with her son. Kindness and solidarity contrast guilt and frustration on this exceptional film from Serbia that is based on real events.

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