Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pornostar aka Tokyo Rampage (1998)

Can't find yet why director Toshiaki Toyoda did choose this title for his movie.
It is a bizarre psychological film full of brutal killings. 
A young psycho boy comes to Tokyo with a mission in his brain.
To kill every Yakuza.
After he kills his first two he gets roped into helping a wannabe gangster and his bumbling underlings to perform a hit.
While things work out in the beginning, this young psychopath quickly becomes more trouble than the gang expected.
Will they be able to rid themselves of him, or will they be his next victims?
There is strong symbolism in the movie, although sometimes is slow but it has an unexpected end.
Its not in the league of Miike or Chan Wook-park, but those into the new wave of Asian cinema will enjoy it.

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