Friday, November 12, 2010

Jipangu (1990)

Jipangu is an old skool samurai film blending action, fantasy and romance into an epic tale.
You may think also that is a tribute to Shaw brothers productions of the sixties and seventies.
The characters are interesting, requiring no real development due to their comic book style appeal.
The action scenes are excellent and the humour is great.
The main character is the outlaw Jigoku-goraku-Maru, a fearless gang leader who tries to find a secret treasure which is a golden sword.
It is the only weapon that can defeat the King of Golden Kingdom, a guy who killed the predessecor and imprisoned his wife and queen of the land.
When the dead king will come back to life he will seek revenge joining Jigoku-goraku-Maru's gang and Pistol Lily as they all reach the forgotten land.
But a ninja master and his clan follow them after Shogun's command to gain the sword and the treasures of the Golden kingdom.  

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