Saturday, November 13, 2010

À travers la forêt aka Through the forest (2005)

This is a surrealistic film with a minimalistic view with few extras.
Every scene is shot continuously to complete the paradox.
The emotions are very strong and you have to be concentrated otherwise you will get lost in this fantastic world of Armelle.
She is one of three sisters (Bérénice and Roxane are the others).
She can't escape from the visual world she lives after her boyfriend's death.
Her two sisters cannot help her at all.
Although they both have men, we never see them, and the only time the other two sisters are on screen they complete a circle with Armelle, that no-one else enters. 
After the advice of one to invite a medium she will meet a guy who looks like her dead man.
There starts a supernatural game between Armelle's mind and reality.

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