Sunday, October 31, 2010

La cravate aka The severed heads (1957)

A short mime adaptation of a Thomas Mann story about a Parisian urchin who makes her living selling human heads.This is the first and short film of great Alejandro Jodorowsky!

Part 1!

Part 2!

Part 3!

The ninja squad (1986)

This is crap cinema!
Maybe the worst film for ninjas ever made.
What can you say about a ninja named Gordon and his fatal opponent Ivan the Red?
Something wrong happens here when you see that every ninja looks like a white american. 
The story is about the conflict between Gordon and Ivan, when the second one starts killing every ninja till Gordon accepts his challenge.
Highlights included the fantastic Ninja headbands (all ninjas need a headband that announces their ninja status), the ninja shell suits and the urban cameo ninja.
Actually there is another movie with Billy, Gordon's student (is he really a ninja?)
fighting a gang who killed his mother and his friends.
I think this film would be best viewed while drunk.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Strella aka A woman's way (2009)

This is a diificult movie and not recommended to everyone.
I think it's one of the best Greek films ever made.
It's about the strange relationship growing between a young mysterious transsexual and a man who stayed in prison for 15 years after a murder.
After spending some time together and falling in love, they will find out a terrible secret that connects their lives.
The plot is like a bomb in your stomach.
It's not a gay film of course as many people think but a family drama caused by wrong timing of bad luck.
It emphasizes on feelings and not on stereotypes
A statement about love, family and about "normal" not existing anymore (if it ever was).
Completing this movie without any state funding and using amateur actors was a great achievement for director P. Koutras. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bambi Meets Godzilla - Mary Newland (1969)

one of my favourite animations ever..who likes Bambi? Not me for sure..

Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

A parody of 1950's sci-fi movies, mixed with various comedy sketches.
Low budget stuff at its best although it has a great cast.
More than half of the main plot is missing. 
It is interrupted by commercials, informecials and filler shows that sometime destroy the whole film.
Some of the sketches are really funny and entertaining though.
It is an interesting and unusual piece for sure.
A cult for comedic classics with great moments through its bizarre cinematography.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Death by Scrabble (2007)

A terrific plot in this great animation makes it a must seen!

Hard Rock Zombies (1985)

What is the relationship between a hard rock band and a bunch of zombies?
When the band is being invited by a strange family to spend the week at a weird small city, the members will face death...and they will rise again through a song that can bring life back to everything.
Hilarious and bizarre, this low budget film will be something you will want to forget soon!   

Mario and Luigi: Vice City

From the famous season of Robot Chicken comes this extraordinary parody of Mario Bros!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mal día para pescar aka Bad day to go fishing (2009)

What can be the relationship between Orsini, an ingenious impostor and Jacob van Oppen, an famous but old wrestler?
Travelling around South America and organizing fake wresting matches.
When they will arrive in Santa Maria, Orsini will get in trouble with a young woman who wants the price of the wrestling match for her family and she will lead her fiance to have a fight with Jacob.
A simple plot leads to a great movie. 
It was Uruguay's official submission to 82nd Academy Award's Foreign Language in 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pornostar aka Tokyo Rampage (1998)

Can't find yet why director Toshiaki Toyoda did choose this title for his movie.
It is a bizarre psychological film full of brutal killings. 
A young psycho boy comes to Tokyo with a mission in his brain.
To kill every Yakuza.
After he kills his first two he gets roped into helping a wannabe gangster and his bumbling underlings to perform a hit.
While things work out in the beginning, this young psychopath quickly becomes more trouble than the gang expected.
Will they be able to rid themselves of him, or will they be his next victims?
There is strong symbolism in the movie, although sometimes is slow but it has an unexpected end.
Its not in the league of Miike or Chan Wook-park, but those into the new wave of Asian cinema will enjoy it.

I sell the dead (2008)

Grave robber Arthur Blake waits for his death sentence in the jail. 
He confesses everything about his criminal life and how all started at a priest named Father Duffy. 
Placed on 18th century this strange tale very successfully combines horror, comedy and sci-fi into a mish mash of fun and excitement. 
Give this one a try if you and your friends are in the mood for some light horror with a side of funny.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Macherovgaltis aka Knifer (2010)

Nick is working and living at the province of North Greece. 
When his father dies, his uncle conviνces him to leave everything back and stay with him in Athens. 
Nick finally accepts that but his relationship with his uncle will change for ever as his uncle's behavior is bad to everyone. 
He treats Nick more as an employee rather than a part of the family. 
So things are falling apart when Nick messes up with his aunt. 
This is the sixth film of Cyprian director Yannis Economides. 
Artistic photography and interesting plot. Great Greek cinema!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tomek Baginski - Katedra aka The Cathedral (2002)

State of the art animation with excellent soundtrack from Polish Tomasz Baginski. 
The story is about how religion affects people.
An explorer gets in an an ancient building looking like a gothic cathedral. 
Soon shadows and strange figures follow him. 
Is religion the opiate of the people, or something darker?

Don't drink and see surreal movies!

Blu - Big Bang Big Boom (2010)

Blu is a great artist. Maybe the top street artist this period. This is his last project introducing the big bang theory as it has never been shown again. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Afro Samurai (2007)

Afro samurai is the first anime that introduces a black Samurai.
He seeks revenge from the n.1 killer of the world who took the place of his father.
The path will be difficult and bloody. No friend will remain to accompany him in this massacre.
With the characteristic voice of Samuel Jackson at leading role. Animation never was so funky.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The ark (2007)

''An unknown virus has destroyed almost the entire human population. Oblivious to the true nature of the disease, the only remaining survivors escape to the sea. In great ships, they set off in search of uninhabited land. So begins the exodus, led by one man''. A psychological animation for thoughful people.

Welcome (2009)

Philippe Lioret directs a fantastic movie. 
One to see and stay in your heart for ever. 
This is is a story of a young Kurdish immigrant, Bilal.
He is 17 years old. He tries to reach his girlfriend who stays in London with her family. 
He will meet a man from Calais who will
teach him how to swim cuz he wants to cross the English channel. 
But it is not enough...
Great emotional cinema.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Edgard Varêse and Le Corbusier - Poême électronique (1958)

“Poème électronique” (Electronic Poem) was composed in 1958 by Edgard Varèse, the father of electronic music, and Iannis Xénakis, one of the most important modernist composers of the 20th century, under the direction of Le Corbusier, one of the most important architects of the 20th century.

The Crippled Masters (1979)

"The Crippled Masters" is a suberb film. A weird exception in the Kunf Fu genre. 
Two men who have been banished from their Kung Fu society.Their master punishes them and mutilate them. 
He chops the arms off of the first one and then pours acid on the other's feet.
Despite their obvious disadvantages, they learn to combine their martial arts skills and seek revenge against the evil master.
Bad acting and worse dialog but it is an interesting mix of grotesque and martial arts so give it a try!

Ratas, ratones, rateros (1999) aka Rodents

Angel is a junky and immediately proceeds to ruin the lives of Salvador and anyone else he comes into contact with.
Things are being more complicating when Anhel kills the son of a woman that borrowed him money so he hides into his cousin's Salvador house.
Salvador's relationship with his father is not good and his grandma is being at a coma state for a long time.
A powerful, sad and thought provoking tale.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Symphonie diagonale (1924)

With this movie, Eggeling found a new way of artistic expression that was followed later by Hans Richter, Oskar Fishinger, Walter Ruttmann and Norman McLaren.

La cabina (1972)

Horror in a phone box! could be the alternate title for this short bizarre movie. A man gets trapped inside a telephone box and nobody is able to free him.
Antonio Mercero uses a simple concept and directs a surreal nightmare.
What at first seems like a plot fit for a comedy becomes ever more dark, culminating in the darkest of dark endings, said to be an allegory for things
that happened under the fascist state set up by Franco. The film is glorious in its simplicity but rich in symbols and metaphors about loneliness and
alienation in the urban landscape, although its minimal dialogue.The finale is quite disturbing and
brings sensations similar to the ones generated by some Goya's "Black Paintings".
A unique film from Spain.

C'est arrivé près de chez vous (1992) aka Man bites dog

''Usually I start the month with a postman'' is one of the phrases Ben says.
He is a serial killer, arrogant, pervert, a strange man talking about art, society, music, nature while killing people just for fun. 
Age, colour, profession doesn't really matter. 
Along with his camera crew he takes us to a trip at the dark side of human brain.
Many scenes of grisly violence against kids, bystanders, elders and various others will probably disgust a whole lot of people, but if you can handle
it then you've got yourself a film you'll remember for a long time.
Ben's family knows nothing about his thirst for blood so everyone will pay the cost when other killers come with their camera crews at the town.
A fantastic movie from Belgium directed in 1992 by Remy Belvaux, Andre Bonzel and Benoit Poelvoorde. Critics and audience opinions were devided. Take it or leave it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Seconds (1966)

A bizarre film from John Frankenheimer based 
in the story of a man who wants to start his life from zero again.
He pays a secret organization for this offer but without knowing the real costs.

Osamu Tezuka - Jumping (1984)

Da lui toi (2010) aka Gallants

Cheung is a looser.
When his boss sends him to village for a special work he mess into a fight with a local family. 
Hopefully a cripple old man saves him for further troubles as he appears to be one of the two martial artists running the village's teahouse. 
And things are getting more interesting when Master Law awakes from a 30 year long coma.
A funny story mixing old kung fu style movies and drama blended with action. 
The special point is the stars here are the older stars of the martial arts films of the 70's. 
 A must seen for fans of Hong Kong and Shaw Bros films.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

ok enough for tonight!

Zeroka no onna: Akai wappa (1974) aka Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs

Violence is everything for this japanese exploitation movie of 1974. 
Zero aka Rei is an underground cop that likes to investigate crimes in her own unique style. 
Beating first interrogate later. 
When a rough gang kindnaps next Prime Minister's daughter, 
Rei is called back to duty for eliminating them. 
A lot of rapes, brutal scenes of tortures and beatings make your stomach sick. 
One of the strongest 'pink' films.
Fans of either "Kill Bill" or Takashi Miike need to check this out!

La Jetee (1962)

A sci fi diamond back from 1962.
Based on still images, it is the story of a slave man using a time 
machine for finding out world's fate after the end of World War III.
Haunted by his childhood memories he will meet the woman of his dreams and then...

Phoenix the Warrior (1988) aka She Wolves of the Wasteland

Is it cinema or just fun? Bad acting, no plot at all, naked (almost) women fighting each other for the saviour of the man kind. You can call the fashion police now. Women with sobreros and katana swords, other with punk style, some with high heels, is what you can expect of this thrilling story, placed in a post apocalypse futuristic location.

You can see fast buggies chasing out in the desert at the 1/3 of this movie. So maybe it's like formula one in the desert. Soundtrack is a simple 80s synth mix.  Love it or hate it. It depends just from your taste!