Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Blob (1988)

I haven't seen the original cut of this sci fi cool film back in 1958 yet but this remake of 1988 was quite accomplishing for me. Arborville used to be a small peaceful town until a meteor crashes on the forest nearby. Soon strange incidents happen and a space alien form attacks people. Meg is on a date with Paul but their first contact will have an unexpected end as Meg will witness the powerful germ who kills Paul. So she will try to survive with the help of Flagg, a punk who lives on his own. Soon the killings will become more and soon a special science team sent from government will arrive in town and set it into quarantine. But is this menace came from outer space really or the reason that appeared in Arborville seems to be something else? Gore in high levels, cool special effects and 80s atmosphere are the ingridients for this successful horror flick!

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