Friday, May 6, 2011

Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

This was an awesome experience. A great film dedicated to the grindhouse / exploitation era of the 70s. With Rutger Hauer at his best. Misery, desperation, grief, pain and blood. This is all you are going to watch. Hobo comes to town. He is tired with life and people. He needs a place for a shelter. But at this new town, only violence, crime and chaos exist. Its creator is Drake, the crime boss who loves to entertain people through fear. His two sons, Slick and Ivan are his assistants. Hobo also will have to fight with pimps, a twisted director who films people fighting each other, a pedophile Santa and other scums. Even police is on the side of Drake. Only a young hooker, Abby will help Hobo and together they will try to survive through this hell. When Hobo buys a pump-action shotgun, justice will rise. Or not? Brilliant,entertaining,a must seen for the lovers of the oldskool!

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