Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

When Tim Burton is at the production team of such a film, you probably know that the result is going to be more than satisfying. So you are correct. Abraham Lincoln is the well known 16th President of the States and this film gives us another view of his personality as he is a dedicated vampire hunter. Everything started with his mother's death from a thirsty creature and Lincoln wants to revenge the whole clan whose leader is Adam, an ancient devil. Henry is a mysterious guy that teaches Lincoln the secrets to destroy the monsters but wants him also to execute his orders. We watch the transition of Abraham's life from his teenage years until his election as the president and the difficult years of the civil war that became a real crisis between the living and the dead citizen of America. Astonishing fight scenes with our hero's axe give another dimension at the dark atmosphere of this movie. The plot and the customs are giving a realistic sense of that era and the performances are cool. So are you a patriot or a vampire?

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