Sunday, April 7, 2013

Abre los ojos aka Open your eyes (1997)

Years before the 'Inception' film there was another incredible gem based on a story about dreams and virtual reality. It was Chilean director Amenábar that introduced his fantastic tale to us. Cesar is a handsome and rich guy that doesn't care about serious relationships. He hangs out with his friend Pelayo and shares his bed with a strange woman named Nuria that seems to follow him everywhere. Until he meets Sofia and he interests about her even if Pelayo has told him about his feelings towards her. Situation changes when Cesar has a terrible car accident where Nuria dies and he has his face severely disfigured. He feels isolated, being a cripple and lost between dreams and reality. We find him in a jail trying to understand how he entered there and a psychologist tries to help him but can you really escape from the dreams? Excellent scenario and a really good production from Spain of the nineties.

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