Monday, May 27, 2013

Mars Attacks! (1996)

What can be the common between the president of the States, a sweet deaf granny, a retired boxer who works as an animator in a casino, an ambitious hotel owner and a couple working on a tv network? All these will witness the historical moment of the contact with the visitors from planet Mars. But due to a misunderstanding, the fellow guests will turn extremely hostile and start the invasion on Earth taking no prisoners. A cool guy and his granny will take part on humans counterattack and find the solution to win this intergalactic battle. Tim  Barton directs a hilarious comedy about aliens back in 1996 and gives us a great parody of classic b movies of the sixties. Jack Nicholson is really pleasurable playing two individual roles as also De Vito, Brosnan, Parker, Fox, Brown and even famous singer Tom Jones do their best.


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