Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dredd (2012)

I can say this is the best adaptation of the legendary comic book 'Judge Dredd' for sure. In a dystopian America after a world war that ruined everything, population has moved into huge Mega City One. Life is extremely difficult as outnumbered gangs rule over the place and the only one force that combines judge, jury and instant executioner are the urban cops, called ''Judges''. Dredd is one of them and he makes himself up a serious impact for the outlaws. Now with rookie Cassandra, a psychic mutant woman with ambition to join the force, they enter into a huge building of two hundred floors in order to find and eliminate drug lord's Ma-Ma clan. The war begins but the enemies are outnumbered. Will Dredd succeed into his mission and stay alive alongside with Cassy? It is a bleak film, a superior action movie with excellent cinematography, dark atmosphere and a faithful attribution to the original story. Actor Karl Urban gives a more convincing performance as Dredd instead of Stalone's attempt through the nineties.

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