Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Eventyrland aka It's only make believe (2013)

I like Norwegian cinema especially when it surprises me again and again. This is a bittersweet story about a young mother, Jenny, trying to be part of society again and connect back with her daughter Merete, after spending some years in prison for a crime she caused accidentally. A killing where her boyfriend got injured seriously as well. The responsible for that event was Oddny, an unreliable gangster who will betray her once more. This is not the only problem as the the partner of the dead dealer comes back and provokes Jenny to work for him in order to pay him back for his loss. Eventyrland is an atmospheric film, with amazing views of nature land, creating a terrific contrast with the prison environment and her depressing house. Like a fly trapped in a room, hitting all windows to find a way out, Jenny is struggling to escape her fate. It is a sad story, but a beautiful film, very well played and directed. The music part also deserves being mentioned.

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