Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pacific Rim (2013)

After a year of patience I can admit that I am a little bit disappointed of this film. As a child I used to stuck with cartoons like Tetsujin 28, Voltron and even Godzilla film series. I expected more from this gem though. The story is about a war between human race and monsters, known as Kaiju, coming from another dimension through a crack into the ocean. They destroy everything and kill millions of people until the last ones fight back with their massive robots, the Jaegers. The battle is irresolute and even Jaegers can't stop the disastrous invasion. Raleigh, a former pilot who lost his brother at his last combat returns on duty alongside with the untested trainee Mako and will be the last stand of the humans against the mounting apocalypse. The effects are amazing but the development of the characters was really weak and this was a minus point to the plot. The acting was so and so but Idris Elba's performance was even worst. I hope the sequel will be better and Guillermo Del Toro shall give the appropriate attention and will give us the optimum result. Otherwise I will prefer 'Robot Jox' from the late eighties. Again.

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