Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Don Jon (2013)

Happy New year my friends. This is the last film I watched back in 2013 and it was just excellent. Jon Martello comes from a traditional Italian family from the states. A dad obsessed with football, a mother living in another universe and a sister dedicated to her cellphone. Don uses to hang out with his pals and likes beautiful women who often invites them to his bed. He likes his ride and going to church but his real passion is porn. His life is simple as that and he enjoys that to the maximum. Until he falls in love with Barbara, a gorgeous woman who also interests into him. They start a relationship but Jon can't escape from his porn. And then problems appear. His girlfriend doesn't seem to understand him and her wills seem to be totally different from his ones. After that, another woman comes into his path. An co-student from his class, Esther, helps him to see the whole picture of his life and what he really needs to do about this. Great comedy with hilarious situations and realistic intentions.

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