Friday, January 24, 2014

Nije kraj aka Will not end here (2008)

This was just another interesting film from Croatia. Djuro the Romany is a famous porn star as also the narrator of a love story between a Serbian prostitute, Desa and a Croatian sniper, Martin that took place during the civil war in Yugoslavia. Everything started when Martin found Djuro and asked his help in order to seek for Desa, who was his partner in a porn video production. He finds money and buys her from her pimp but he has to gain her love first as well. His polite manners will make her interest on him and soon they will become a couple. But Martin's friends and co fighters don't appreciate his will to live with a Serbian woman. A typical Croatian comedy and a nice idea that could be something special if it wouldn't fail in awkward direction, pale photography and too much voice-over.


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