Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Black Swan (2010)

Mission accomplished once more for one of my favorite directors, Darren Aronofsky. Welcome to his distorted and dark as hell universe, where a ballet dancer, Nina who lives and works in New York tries to be the best, the one and only. Competition is tough. There is no space for looser. She has to give all her efforts to gain the place of  'Swan Queen' at the new show. But she has to find her inner voice leading her to the triumph or the fall. Her ordinary life will give place to a puzzle where her mind games confuse her. A new dancer will come and Nina feels the unknown stranger as an enemy who threats her place. What about her mother who still treats her as a child? Natalie Portman won the Oscar due to this amazing performance showing off two different sides of a woman who gets paranoid slowly. A complete psychological thriller that you have to see for sure! RECOMMENDED!

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