Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kunsten å tenke negativt aka The Art of Negative Thinking (2006)

Geiss is a disabled person living on a wheel chair. But his real problem is about his character. He is cynical, miserable and always in a bad mood. His wife tries to help him and supports him but her patience soon lasts. So she decides to ask for help from a self-help guru and her group. But this is not the right time for Geiss to listen to somebody's advices so he will be very aggressive to anyone who entered his house. Can someone who has quote life, start being an optimist or everything is going to blow? A bittersweet film that makes you smile or cry, it depends on which side of life you belong! This was the debut film for the Norwegian film director Bård Breien. A dark comedy that is worth seeing!

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