Friday, June 17, 2011

Kick-Ass (2010)

You could say Dave Lizewski is a nerd spending his time reading comic books with friends. His dream is to be a super hero. As a matter of fact, he has powers. Being invisible to girls. So he decides to put a mask along with a green uniform and start his heroic attempts to help people. Soon he will taste pain but he won't quit. During a fight with a local gang, he will meet another younger hero, the Hit Girl. She is a cold blood killer though she is only about eleven years old. This is a result of her special training by her father, an ex cop who now is also a super hero, named Big Daddy. They both are after Frank D'Amico, the powerful drug lord of the city who is responsible for the death of Big Daddy's wife and his removal from the police force. Now it is time for vengeance. This is entertainment for sure. A great production based on a real comic book on the best way!

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