Sunday, December 25, 2011

Liam (2000)

Back at the 00s, Stephen Frears directs one of the most sentimental films about childhood. Liam Sullivan is a very cute young boy facing difficulties in speaking. He witness the dramatic situation happening at his family when his father losses his job. His mother is really devoted to her children but the father starts having a racist rave. He thinks that Jews and Irish people who live in Liverpool at the era of Depression, are responsible for his loss of work and joins into a racist clan. In the middle while, Liam gets a regular dose of fire and brimstone at church, as he is ready to make his first Holy Communion. His teacher and the priest fill pupils minds with hysterical thoughts of hypocrisy and madness around Christian ideology. A marvelous and tender story about the lost innocence and a stunning performance from the young Anthony Borrows.

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