Monday, December 26, 2011

Tini zabutykh predkiv aka Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (1965)

A haunting experience from the great Georgian director Sergei Parajanov forty six years ago. A mysterious love story between Ivan and Marichka. Their love is so strong that even when Marickha's father killed Ivan's father, it didn't mean anything to them. When Ivan leaves to find work at another providence, Marichka dies accidentally and that makes him crazy. He feels lost and surrenders to misery. After a long period of grief, he returns back to reality and meets Palagna. They get married and she wants children. But his mind is still on his dead love. So then she tries sorcery but she comes under the spell of a powerful wizard, Yurasic and falls in love with him. Yurasic challenges Ivan and kills him. A tale, such fantastic and magic that blows your mind away. Directed as nothing else I have ever seen, this diamond is still original and gives you the creeps. So much color and intense, a true masterpiece, but maybe not for everyone.

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