Sunday, December 11, 2011

Miller's crossing (1990)

One of the best gangster movies ever. In my personal opinion much better than 'The Godfather'. A script that deserved an Oscar maybe. Tom Reagan's loyalty to Lio, a prohibition-era crime boss is a fact. He tries to solve problems with other mobsters on his own unique way as an advisor. When he messes with Verna, a dangerous woman, he gets caught in divided loyalties. Lio thinks he is a traitor so Tom changes place at the opposite camp, helping Johnny Caspar, an insane mobster at his illegal business. Dane, Caspar's second hand doesn't really trust him and wants to get rid of him. Verna also asks Tom to protect her brother Bernie from Caspar. What is Tom's plan about this crisis and who is going to stay alive finally? Suspense and black humor attached by a sparkle of drama in this marvelous flick. Coen brothers direction at its best.

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