Friday, January 20, 2012

Balada triste de trompeta aka The last circus (2010)

Javier wants to follow his father's steps working as a sad clown at the circus in Madrid. His dad used to be a famous happy 'pagliaccio' who was forced to fight with the rebels against the forces of dictactor Franco in the midst of the brutal Spanish Civil War. Now Xavier who finally raised up alone, is being loved with Natalia, the beautiful acrobat. But she is in a disturbed relationship with Sergio, the crazy 'Happy' clown who abuses her and threatens everybody in the circus. Confrontation between the two clowns is coming and the freak show is here. Somewhere between the 'Freaks' and 'Santa Sangre' this amazing and dark as hell film, explores the abyss of the psychological realm of the protagonists. Violent, creepy and interesting, it could be the film Tarantino wished to direct. Another great Spanish production that won the 'Silver Lion' at Venice's 2010 film festival.

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