Tuesday, January 17, 2012

High life (2009)

How can you describe a nice perfume in a small bottle? This is the right example for this cool film from Canada. Made of low budget, it is still full of realistic situations and a convincing story of four junkies trying to rob a bank. Dick is trying to live an ordinary life after he is being released from the prison but when Bug, an old friend visits him, he starts thinking as a criminal again. They are both lost in the world of drugs and especially morphine, and they plan to organize a gang and rob the automatic machines of a bank. Billie, a smart guy joins the club and soon they add Donnie, another scumbag who steals anything from anybody. But as they are different as characters and the only common thing they have, is their love for drugs, they soon start fight each other and the whole operation is going to be ruined. Funny and dramatic at the same time, this accomplishing gem is a clever film as well. Enjoy!

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