Monday, January 16, 2012

The Boat That Rocked aka Pirate Radio (2009)

Young carl is an adorable youngster who is being invited at his godfather's, Quentin, boat in order to behave and be a right member of the English society of the 60s. But this boat is not the ordinary one, as it is the base of the legendary pirate 'Radio Rock' station. The producers of this broadcast were really pioneers and everyone was exceptional. Between them there was an american called 'The Count', a lesbian cook and a nerd forecast speaker. Other producers were Gavin, an arrogant guy who was acting like a superstar, Dave a fat crazy bastard and Simon, a shy and sensitive music lover. Groupies visit often this boat to please their idols and funny situations happen around. Sir Alistair Dormandy belongs to the government's council and wants to close all the pirates stations including the 'Radio Rock'. Can he make it? So cool, so entertaining this film is that you will enjoy every minute of it. Excellent performances and working direction complete the success. Recommended to all music lovers out there!

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