Saturday, April 28, 2012

Animal kingdom (2010)

Can modern Melbourne looks like Wild West? Maybe. Especially at the case of Josh, a youngster who is becoming an orphan after his mother's death from heroine. He visits his grandmother, Smurf and tries to understand the crazy situation that exists there as his three uncles are getting messed with illegal operations. Pope the older one, is the most dangerous, a fugitive who risks everything in order to survive. When the cops start a vendetta with the vicious gang and kill Pope's best friend aka Baz, the others seek for revenge and set a trap to two young cops and kill them. Now the police department is behind them and things get complicated as Senior cop Leki interferes with Josh and tries to help him escape through this living nightmare. A tough and violent film that keeps intense in high levels, with astonishing direction and working characters.

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