Wednesday, April 11, 2012

He knows you're alone (1980)

Okay, fuck the critics or the Imdb. Who cares anyway? This film sure deserved a better recognition. For two reasons. First of all, Caitlin O'Heaney who performs as Amy, is really a good actor. Secondly the end is just cool. So let's continue to the story. Amy is about to marry Phil but her ex boyfriend still continue to bother her and she is more confused than ever. Frank and Len, two cops are after a serial killer who kills young women especially these who are ready to become brides. Len has his personal reasons for chasing him three years now, as he killed the woman he was about to marry. The killer starts the attacks to Amy's friends and slaughter them one by one. Amy will become the last one to complete the bloody puzzle. Will she survive finally? A classic thriller from the early start of the eighties decade. You will find references to the great Hitchkock and his amazing 'Psycho' and check also Tom Hanks at one of his primary roles as a young man who studies psych and defines the limits of fear.

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