Friday, April 6, 2012

Pumpkinhead (1988)

Ed and his adorable little son, Billy, live out in the country. He owns a small grocery store and tries to live a peaceful life after his wife's death. When a small group of teenagers arrive, his son is being killed after a tragic biking accident. Joel who is the responsible and the leader of the group decides to leave the kid alone and find shelter with his buddies a cabin in the middle of a forest. Ed's rage will be tremendous and he is ready to avenge them at any cost. He finds an old witch and with her help they resurrect an ancient demon, called Pumpkinhead to kill the group. Can they survive through this nightmare? Another classic horror film from the eighties decade that offers some blood, cool effects and some creeps for all the freaks out there. Plus the good appearance of Lance Henriksen as the protagonist. Have fun and don't forget pop corn.

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