Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bunohan (2011)

Three different personalities are part of the same family. Each one has to follow the path that fate has chosen for him. Sometimes the lives of people are caught in the web of other people's stories though. This is somehow the story starts as Adil aka Bunga leaves a death match as his best friend Muski organizes their runaway. Deng, the organiser of the match hires Ilham, a violent assassin to finish off Adil. The last one ignores that Adil is his lost brother. Adil escapes in Bunohan, his birthplace and finds out the truth about his origins. His father wants to give him some land but Adil denies everything. At the opposite side, Bakar the third brother wants this land to sell it at any cost. Even if this means the collapse of their family. A metaphysical story about betrayal between members of a family. An interesting gem from Malaysia that was its official submission to the Best Foreign Language Film of the 85th Academy Awards 2013.

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