Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stake land (2010)

At first I thought it could be another zombie film you know. But then I realized it was about vampires. Directed in a boring style that I couldn't stop moaning though. A lot of cliches, I think I will start writing scripts because sometimes I know exactly what is going to happen at the next sequence. Forgive my disappointment but I just say 'Enough is enough'. So this story is about a youngster, Martin, whose family is being eaten by a creature of the night. Hopefully for him, Mister is there to save his ass, excuse my language. Then he learns Martin how to protect himself and kill them after. The men try to reach 'New Eden', a place where vamps do not exist. They meet people, they travel together, people are getting killed, they continue alone. They also have to fight some crazy Christian clan bastards as well. But all these, are looking familiar to me. Anyway, the cast is good, the acting is fine but the direction and the soundtrack really got my nerves because a film like this needs more fun and less dramatic thoughts. But you can try it and think about that yourself.

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