Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ill Manors (2012)

A film about our times. Indeed. Young people trying to survive a living hell. Some are real children of the ghetto as Aaron, a foster young man who along with his energetic and violent friend, Ed, are doing illegal business in the hood. Kirby is the old boss, a drug dealer who spent half of his life in prison and now works for his ex-assistant, Chris, a ruthless gang chief. Katya is another victim of the system, an immigrant who has been forced to work as a prostitute and escaped from the Russian mafia to find a better future for her life and her newborn child. But her nightmare is still on her trails. Michelle is another junkie prostitute, lost in the universe of drugs. All these damaged characters are connecting in a story of blood, greed, pain and rage. A strong experience from the other side of civilization, the one who keeps us vigil and ready. Because every action has a reaction and people from specific environments are just following the path that someone has chosen for them. But hope is still here.

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