Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blackaria (2010)

Welcome to the twisted world of François Gaillard and Christophe Robin. They are also directed the incredible 'Last Caress' back in 2010. This is the second film of a package dedicated to neo giallo. Full of bloody murders and naked beautiful women, it is an ode to neo noir and a trip into horror fantasy. A young woman, Angela tries to understand her nightmares asking for advice from her friend Marco, a psychologist. Her neighbor Anna Maria, organizes orgies at her apartment and drives Angela into the abyss of a weird atmosphere. As Angela finds her dead one day, she discovers that a strange thing happens as she looks through the broken glasses of a magic sphere. What happens to the time and who is the freaky killer wearing the red coat? Angela has to find the solution and escape from this situation as the murders lead to her as for the next victim. It was another interesting attempt from the French directors duo, but I think 'Last Caress' was working better as a plot. There are some cool scenes as the eye sliced by the razor, probably influenced by Bunuel. Maybe with a bigger budget and a better scenario we could have a miraculous result as well.

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