Saturday, March 16, 2013

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale (2011)

So here we have one of the most expensive and epic Taiwanese productions. A historical part based on the Wushe Incident that is split into two segments, the first being entitled The Sun Flag (tai-yang qi) and the second, The Rainbow Bridge (cai-hong qiao). The attempt of Japanese empire to rule over the Seediq tribes who were living in Taiwan at the end of the nineteenth century lasts for about thirty years after the defeat of the last. The Taiwanese people tolerate Japanese government but their culture is going to disappear through the technological development and social transformation. Mona Rudao is the leader of the mehe bu clan, one of the most violent on the island and the last stand for defensing their land to the conquerors. Now after thirty years of repression and a series of incidents that push his people to their limits, he still dreams of a free nation and believes that the time has come to take back their hunting fields. A real story about gaining freedom with amazing landscapes, great action scenes and historical notes of a proud nation. Plus the extraordinary folk soundtrack that will haunt your ears.

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