Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blancanieves (2012)

Spain is always for me on the list of countries that give us quality cinema. This gem is no exception. Pablo Berger shows his artistic taste on the classic Snow White fairy tale. Antonio Villalta is a famous bull fighter giving another routine show while his pregnant wife adores him on the stadium stage. But everything goes wrong as he gets seriously injured and his wife dies while giving birth to their daughter. He can't move anymore and a vicious nurse, Encarna, takes care about him and finally marries him. The little girl, Carmen, lives with her granny until the last one pass away. So then, she moves to her dad's mansion and faces the evil stepmother who makes her life difficult and refuse to leave Carmen see her father. When this happen, Encarna, tries to kill her sending her away and have her secret lover finish the job. But Carmen escapes and finds the seven midgets who are working on a wandering theater company. Soon she finds back her memory and her talent to be a new impressive bull fighter. But Encarna hasn't finish with her though. If you seek for another astonishing silent film directed with passion, mesmerizing photography and dark atmosphere, here is your choice.


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