Friday, August 2, 2013

Gallowwalkers (2012)

I could say I always liked Snipes's films. But this time it didn't get so well as usually. The problem with this film is the editing. The story is about a colored gunman who seeks for revenge for the rape and death of his wife. We really don't know enough about his roots except he was abandoned from his mother, a witch or something like that. He grew up at the orphanage and then found a shelter at a woman's butcher house. He will find Fab, a young brave man in chains, and he will hire him to help him eliminate the responsible gang for his drama. But there is a curse on him that everyone he dies from his hands shall return to life. This strange mixture of western and undead is just a mess because the director seems to have forgot the lines of cinematography. The sequences are not following the correct order and the whole thing is a violent movie that could be a horror classic but instead of that stays another gem that will fade into oblivion. It's a pity for Snipes though because he acted well again.

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