Thursday, August 8, 2013

Half baked (1998)

Thurgood, Scarface, Brian and Kenny are friends since childhood and they have a common love. Their addiction to weed. When the last one accidentally kills a cop's diabetic horse, he is put in jail and is given a 1 million dollar bail. His pals have to find a way to release him as soon as possible because the other imprisoned guys want his 'fruit'. As Thurgood works as a janitor at a pharmaceutical lab, he has easy access to its store and a great amount of Marijuana so he decides to steal it and sell it with friends helping him in order to save the money for Kenny's bail. He meets Mary Jane but he has to tell her lies about his attempt and his illegal passion. Soon dealer Samson hears about Thurgood and he wants to meet him but his intentions are not the best. Another cool comedy from the late nineties with lots of fun and good performances and Snoop Dogg as well.


  1. Is Half-Baked REALLY fifteen years old... oh man... that don't make me feel good.

    1. yeap you can check it on imdb why don't you feel good?