Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pain & Gain (2013)

Bodybuilder and gym manager Daniel Lugo was dreaming of the American ideals. He wanted more and he was a real poser. He decided with his pals, Paul and Adrian to kidnap Jewish successful businessman Victor Kershaw and force him to sign over assets Lugo believed Kershaw owned him. When the last one identifies Lugo by his voice, they decide to kill him. The trio manage to possess Viktor's property after all and live a rich life. Adrian buys a huge house and get married, Paul starts cocaine and Daniel takes Viktor's house in order to stay in. But Viktor is too tough and survives at last. The gang is still after him so he calls detective Ed for help. When money are over, Lugo plans a new risky operation, to kidnap Frank Grig, another businessman but everything goes wrong. This is a real story that tells you that only life can give you such crazy situations. The performances are great, there is suspense and action in high levels.

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