Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blackadder - Back and forth (1999)

This was the last episode of Blackadder BBC series on the television. And the best way to end these marvelous productions who were been lasted for almost twenty years. Rowan Atkinson is a great comedian and I think this was his opportunity to start a great career as an author. So for once more he plays Blackadder, this cynical and wise guy whose ancestors had a great role in British political and historical past. He organizes a dinner party to celebrate the Millenium Eve and have his fellows friends as guests. While chatting he shows them his assistant's new invention, a time machine. Baldrick as always did its best in order to construct it. So Blackadder will bet on that he will can go to the past and select some historical items and con money from his friends. But they don't know that he already owns them. But fate plays games and their trip back to time shall face difficulties. So will be they capable to return back in one piece? And what will be happen if they change history? A clever story that keeps humor in high levels and a plot that it is quite entertaining!


  1. Καταπληκτική σειρά. Θυμάμαι που κάπου μέσα στο 90 την έβαζε το Ελληνικό seven X τότε. Δεν είχα χάσει επεισόδιο. Σε κάθε αναγέννηση όλο και πιο black adder γινόταν. Τύφλα να'χει ο dr. who.
    Δεν γνώριζα πάντως ότι έπαιζε μέχρι το 99 !!!

  2. Να και ενας άνθρωπος που καταλαβαίνει το μεγάλο ταλέντο του Atkinson σε ενα ρόλο που είναι μακράν καλύτερος απο του Mr. Bean. Απόλυτο αγγλικό αλλά και μαύρο χιούμορ για τους λάτρεις της καλής κωμωδίας. Δυστυχώς δεν τα είδα στην ώρα τους αφου αναλώθηκα σε anime και άλλα καίδια.