Thursday, April 7, 2011

Upír z Feratu aka Ferat Vampire (1982)

Do you remember Carpenter's 'Christine'? It used to kill people who drove it or not. Here we have a similar story directed by Czech Juraj Herz. At the roads of Prague a menace appears. What about a car that runs on blood and should need passengers to feed off? Ferat racing car is an invention of Ferat industries and Mr. Cross is an ex race driver who controls it. After an accident that costs Luisa's life, doctor Marek is trying to investigate the mysterious incidents that led this young woman to death while driving it. Mima is his colleague in the ambulance and her dream will come true when she will be offered a contract to race with this superb car. But what are the evil plans of Mr. Cross and what can do Marek to save her? A scientist named Kaplan will help Marek in the investigation but things are not always what they seem to be. An interesting horror film blended with mystery. I loved its end.

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